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Gentle, but oh, so powerful.

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In Touch


Gentle, but, oh so powerful!

I have been practicing integrative massage for over 25 years and

Ortho-Bionomy® for 18 years.. 

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Integrative Massage

Integrative Massage is a method allowing the therapist to interpret where the muscles are sorest and most tense.  The therapist then uses a variety of techniques to facilitate the body’s healing response. This permits one’s own body to lessen tension and relax.  This method of massage also senses your body’s comfort level and stays within that comfort range throughout the massage.

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Ortho-Bionomy® is a gentle, non-invasive, system of healing that reminds the body of its natural ability to restore balance. It is based on a simple and profound philosophy: allow the body to correct itself. The hallmark of Ortho-Bionomy is pain relief. The client may chose to wear comfortable clothing during the session. Clothing allows for greater range of movement with this hands on method of bodywork.

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